About the AWA Rainbow Group

Mark Truscott

I was born in Torquay, England and grew up in a small market town. I first studied ceramics at Exeter College of Art and Design, then went to Torquay College and did my foundation. I studied sculpture at Maidstone College of Art where my subsidiary was painting. Later, I studied at the Institute of Education, London University for my PGCE.

In London I worked with a group of artists called "GANZ SIGHT" which focused on fusing art in a holistic manner. The themes were based on dance (lambada, salsa and merengue). I later moved to Yamaga, Japan where I am now making art. My main activity is sculpture using a variety of materials. I have also shown in a number of different spaces, doing performances and installations.

Natsumi Maruyama (Pig Star)

I was born 1980 in Oita City on the island of Kyusyu in Japan. I love line and shape. I like looking at the sky. It gives me energy shooting starsline on the ground, I feel at home in myself. I love pigs.

Shoko Kawano

Painter lives in Oita.

Joanne G. Yoshida

Born in Long Island, New York.Graduated from University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts.
Recent projects include "Found in Japan", and the design of a Tomare Yoga Mat based on the Japanese character which means "Stop".

E. Yuri Figini

Born 1968 in Monza, Italy.
Moved 1991 to Germany where I devoted myself to the study of painting. Married 2003 and moved to Japan where I had the chance to work full time as a professional painter. Returned to Italy in 2006 then moved back 2007 to Japan. Since 2009 I live in Berlin Germany continuing my activity as surrealist painter and studying Library and Information Science at the Humbolt Universitat zu Berlin.

Niran P

He was born in Bankok, Thailand. Between 1997 until 2003 He lived on Tao Island in Thailand. He worked as an underwater photographer and produced video works. After 2003 He worked as a freelance photograper in Thailand. He created computer graphics.

Naomi Endo

She was born in Oita, Japan. Between 1995 until 1997 She dived in Australia, Fiji and Indonesia. Between 1997 until 2003 She lived on Tao Island in Thailand. She worked as an underwater photographer and produced video works.

Philani Moyo

Born in the family of artists in Zimbabwe in Africa. Worked under many proffessional artists and got exposed to different art mediums largely self taught.